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This project is my capstone focusing on how the personal mythology everyone has dictated how they behave and how they place themselves in the personal schematic of the world. Setting up how mythology has changed over the ages. influencing how personal mythology has developed. Personal mythology shifts and changes as your experiences shift and change much like how the kaleidoscopes shift and change the image you perceive.

2019-02-21 21.18.12-2.jpg
Capstone 1.png
Capstone 2.png

Explanatory posters

Capstone 8.png
Capstone 5.png
Capstone 4.png
Capstone 3.png
Capstone 6.png
Capstone 7.png

Kalediscope posters

Capstone card2 .png
Capstone card1.png

Installation take away/artist statement

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